Top Secret


I am going to be experimenting this weekend with something very New Orleanian and I’ll give you a couple of hints as to what it is (You can also tell by the categories what it might be.)

A) It’s impossible to find a recipe for it.
B) It’s going to be a pain in the ass to recreate.
C) It has an ethnic name (both names do, in fact).

Hopefully by Sunday, I’ll have something to report.

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3 thoughts on “Top Secret

  1. I’m hooked. How will I know what to look for if you post this recipe? I’m having fun going through your website – reminds me of food I used to eat when I lived in LA (grew up there, left in my 20s). I miss Southern cooking. Looking for more than what’s in my “River Roads” cookbook.

  2. How much rum flavoring should I use instead of rum liquor in the Russian Cake?
    I use to eat this cake when I was a kid. I love old cake recipes.

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