You just don’t get it

I gave more money to New Orleans charities than I have to any other individual cause in my life. I didn’t do it so the people down there could continue to have parades.

Blog post here. I have little of value to say about Richman’s post, anything civil that is. But thank you for that lesson in civility Mr. Richman. I’m sure the people of New Orleans will now think you are the exemplar of decorum.

Favorite comment in response?

Alan, much like a dog that’s been fixed, you don’t get it.

Ashley… I love you, man.

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One thought on “You just don’t get it

  1. This guy is such a tool that I refuse to even mention his name on my site, or any other site. I think he has done a wonderful job of promoting himself by ruffling everyone’s feathers, which I’m sure was his intention, because I’ve seen his name in print more than anyone in New Orleans that is working for the good of the community. We fell right into his hands. I say, to hell with him and his rotten article; we know how great New Orleans and her cuisine are, so lets celebrate that! As much as I want to defend what we all love against this guy, I’m turning a blind eye to him, he’s not getting any google rank from me.

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