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Katrina Remembrance


School is hell

This semester has been taxing for me, so I apologize for the lack of updates. Please bear with me and enjoy the past posts, there are plenty of recipes in the archive from which to drool. Now that our re-location plans are in order (we are moving locally) and school seems to be getting better I am hoping to post more regularly.

Thanks again,


We have to move…

To keep a long story short, our internet provider will be changing in the next few days and during that transition I want to be sure that everyone’s bookmarks stay up-to-date.

I have moved all of the blogs over to wordpress.com. The new address for this one will be:


All of the posts should have moved over alright and as far as I can tell all the comments and such should be OK too. If you registered at the old site, you’ll need to update your registration information over here.

Please update your bookmarks.


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