Where Do I Get…?

Creole Seasoning?

I use Zatarain’s or Rex (if I can get it). I don’t like Tony Chachere’s as much because it lacks the garlic powder and chili powder. Zatarain’s can be found in most grocery stores nationwide now.

Old Bay Seasoning?

Look in the seafood section of most grocery stores, if not there then it might be in the spice aisle.

Crystal Hot Sauce?

Good luck. We have a Mexican grocery here that carries it, I’d bet it’s Pre-Katrina since as of March 2006, I believe the factory is still closed. You might be able to find small batches of it in specialty groceries. UPDATE: As of May 2006, I have been seeing Crystal on more store shelves here in Oakland.


The closest thing that I can find outside of the New Orleans area is hot dog relish. Chow-chow is a mixture of yellow mustard, pickle relish, and chopped cauliflower and we eat it on hot dogs, hamburgers, ham sandwiches, po’ boys (said “paw-baw y”) and grilled shrimp. There is a British equivalent called piccalilli that you can sometimes find at places like Cost Plus, but it’s probably not as spicy. UPDATE: I found some at a Korean grocery store in West Oakland. I also found my beloved Camellia beans and Blue Runner Cream Style Beans in a can. I love Oakland.

French Bread?

Every grocery store claims to have “French Bread” and it usually has the consistency of a large, soft dinner roll, but the only real French bread is found in the Greater New Orleans area. And some say only Leidenheimer’s will do… What New Orleanians call French bread, the rest of the US calls a baguette. Outside of New Orleans, their version of baguettes are hard as door stops, too chewy and taste of white bread on the inside (generally). I find that real French bakeries make excellent baguettes that don’t ruin your dental work. My advice to those of you in the diaspora, buy from a good baker (expensive) or make your own. UPDATE: You can find almost identical bread to New Orleans French Bread at Vietnamese grocery stores.


Wait until the holidays. Cost Plus and places like that often carry it in large numbers. You might even be lucky and have a real Italian bakery near you.


I saw it at BevMo! recently… time to make those Herbsaint Frappes.


From Ray, posted in comments (4-16-07):

On the “Where do I get?” page…Baumer Foods bottled Crystal Sauce at various other plants around the country during 2006. In February 2007 they opened their new home in Reserve, LA, and are making Crystal Sauce there again. They won’t be re-opening in New Orleans. It’s sad, but at least they tried to stay in the region.

Also, if you have a Whole Foods where you live, they make a decent french bread, at least at the one in Austin does.